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Wave-X heat-shrinkable absorber tubes available from Clarke & Severn Electronics

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Wave-X Heat, a new EMI absorber innovation from ARC Technologies is a range of heat-shrinkable tube absorbers available through Clarke & Severn Electronics .

Designed to integrate seamlessly with wire and cable assemblies, Wave-X heat-shrinkable absorber tubes neatly seal junctions and connector interfaces while absorbing unwanted EMI interference, which is a common problem with wires, cables and interconnects.  

A traditional solution to counter EMI interference has been to install bulky, heavy and visually unattractive ferrite cores onto the cable and then over-mould the ferrite. Wrapping conductive tape over the offending cable or connection is another option.  

Wave-X Heat is simply slipped over the cable or connector followed by application of heat for the absorber to shrink and conform appropriately.  

Wave-X Heat heat-shrinkable absorber tubes incorporate an inner layer of thermoplastic polymer, blended in exacting ratios with magnetically permeable metal powders. The outer layer of the EMI absorbers is a high dielectric thermoset polymer.  

When moderate heat is applied the product shrinks to approximately a 3:1 ratio.  

Mechanical Data (Typical Results for 0.040”)  

  • Tensile (2 in/min): 1623 psi 
  • Elongation (2 in/min): 596% 
  • Tensile After Heat Aging (2 in/min): 1226 psi 
  • Heat Shock (4 hours @ 225ºC): Pass 
  • Low Temperature Flexibility (4 hours @ -55ºC): Pass 
  • Linear Shrink (3 minutes @ 200ºC): -5%     
Typical Size Availability
(Expanded Internal Diameter - Recovered Internal Diameter - Absorber Wall Thickness)  
  • 1/8” - 0.040” - 0.020” 
  • 3/16” - 0.060” - 0.020” 
  • 3/8” - 0.125” - 0.040” 
  • 3/4” - 0.250” - 0.080” 
  • 1” - 0.320” - 0.080” 

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