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Taconic RF-35A2 power amplifier substrate from Clarke & Severn Electronics

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article image Cross-section of RF-35A2 power amplifier substrate construction

Clarke & Severn Electronics supplies the Taconic RF-35A2 power amplifier substrate, which has been engineered with an ultra low fibreglass content to ensure high insertion loss properties and a homogeneous dielectric constant throughout the laminate.

Extremely low x and y coefficients of thermal expansion are achieved in the power amplifier substrate by a uniform dispersion of ceramic throughout the laminate.

These low x and y coefficients, along with the low modulus make RF-35A2 a strong choice of insulating substrates for surface mounting chip carriers.

Manufactured in a proprietary multi-step process, RF-35A2 power amplifier substrate delivers solid dielectric properties and significant copper peel adhesion.

A low 0.0011 dissipation factor at 1.9GHz allows for maximum power transfer, resulting in low heat generation.

The benefits of using RF-35A2 power amplifier substrate include:

  • low loss properties
  • Dk tolerance of +/-0.05
  • homogeneous Dk
  • excellent peel strength
  • low moisture absorption; and
  • ease of drilling.
The substrate can be used in applications ranging from power amplifiers, filters, couplers and wireless antennas.

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