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TLX laminates from Clarke & Severn Electronics

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Taconic’s TLX range of laminates, available from Clarke & Severn Electronics , provide highly controlled electrical and mechanical properties. The Dk (dielectric constant) of these laminates ranges from 2.45 to 2.65 with a tolerance of +/-0.04. The dissipation factor is approximately 0.0019 when measured at 10Ghz. TLX laminates can be sheared, drilled, milled and plated using standard manufacturing methods that are generally used for PTFE or woven fibreglass materials. Taconic’s TLX laminates are also dimensionally stable and exhibit virtually no moisture absorption during fabrication.

TLX laminates are clad in ½, 1 or 2 ounces of electrodeposited copper on one side or both sides of the panel and available in standard sheet sizes of 24”x18” or 48”x36”.

Typical applications of TLX laminates include radar systems, phased array antennas, microwave transmission devices and mobile communication systems.

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