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Switchcraft RMAS1 microphone splitters from Clarke & Severn Electronics

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Available from Clarke & Severn Electronics , the Switchcraft RMAS1 is a range of passive 3-way transformer isolated microphone splitters suitable for sending a single balanced audio input to three unique destinations.  

Switchcraft RMAS1 mic splitters primarily find use in stage and broadcast applications. Stage applications include connecting microphones, DIs or keyboards to multiple destinations such as monitors, FOH and recording consoles. Broadcast applications include providing three isolated feeds from one source for ENG and news conferences.  

Available with either Jensen or premium custom transformers, Switchcraft RMAS1 microphone splitters provide 100% isolation from noise and a truly uncoloured audio output.  

Key features of Switchcraft RMAS1 microphone splitters:  

  • Single XLR input split to 3 balanced XLR outputs (2 isolated, 1 direct)
  • Mu-metal shielded transformers eliminate ground loops, improve CMRR and block phantom power from interconnected equipment for clean audio paths free of hum and buzz
  • Direct output allows proper connection to pass phantom power for condenser microphones and active DIs
  • Ground lift switch on each isolated output for additional grounding flexibility
  • 40dB pad for use with line level equipment
  • Premium Switchcraft ferrite-shielded XLR connectors for extra EMI/RFI protection

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