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PT Series Audio Pass-Through I/O Panels from Clarke & Severn Electronics

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article image PT Series Audio Pass-Through I-O Panel

Clarke & Severn Electronics  supplies the PT Series audio pass-through I/O panels that facilitate front-of-rack access to I/Os in any permanent or mobile studio environment.  

All pass-through I/O panels in the series are hard-wired to two DB25 back panel connectors utilising the TASCAM DTRS standard pin-out.  

Allowing front-of-rack access to the back of the rack, PT Series pass-through I/O panels increase the lifespan of expensive components by preserving the insertion/withdrawal cycle limitations of input/output connectors.  

The pass-through I/O panels are hard-wired using 110 Ohm AES/EBU digital audio cables, making them ideal for analogue or AES/EBU digital audio.  

The pass-through I/O panels function as input/output modules for any piece of equipment utilising DB25, 1/4" TS/TRS or male/female XLR connections. The I/O panels are suitable for audio consoles, mic-preamps, channel strips and outboard gear among others.  

DB25 connectors are wired to the TASCAM DTRS pin-out.  


  • PT16FX2DB25 (16 Female XLRs)
  • PT16MX2DB25 (16 Male XLRs)
  • PT8FX8MX2DB25 (8 Female and 8 Male XLRs)
  • PTAESEBU2DB25 (8 Female and 8 Male XLRs in groups of four)
  • PT16TRS2DB25 (16 1/4" TRS Jacks)
  • DB25 Breakout Cable (DB25M10XLRMXLRF) sold separately

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