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Omnetics Neuro Connectors from Clarke & Severn Electronics

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Clarke & Severn Electronics  introduces a new range of neuro connectors from the Omnetics neuro-miniature family of connectors.  

Neuroscientists around the world are involved in intensive research that is crucial in developing treatments for various neurological disorders.  

Omnetics is contributing to the global effort by offering standards in 9, 18 and 36-position strip nano connectors as well as 6, 11, 16 and 28-position nano circulars.  

Omnetics has been used on multi-channel head stages for over a decade worldwide.  

As the Neuro-Technology industry grows, Omnetics continues to support the neurological research groups in understanding exactly how the brain and peripheral nervous system works.  

Neuro connectors from Omnetics set new standards including single and dual row nanos known to be specific for neurological research programs.  

Datasheets and material specifications are available for these neuro connectors from Omnetics.

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