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ODU Medi-snap connectors available from Clarke & Severn Electronics

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The connector is one of the important and more used components in all electrical devices.

All too often, the requirements to be met by the connection are not clear until too late. The user assumes that there must be a suitable connector on the market, and sees no reason to look into this ahead of time.

The ODU Company in Mühldorf am Inn, Germany, is known in the market as a competent partner for connectors. In addition to standard products, ODU has specialised in customised solutions.

Cylindrical connectors have always been seen as efficient connecting elements when definite locking, optimal sealing, shielding and ergonomic handling are called for.

ODU has been successfully represented on the cylindrical connector market for more than 30 years. Successfully for more than 10 years now with cylindrical connectors with push-pull locking.

The push-pull principle offers considerable advantages in comparison to threaded or bayonet locking: space requirements are small and the connector can be operated quickly and easily (blind mate).

The locking is obvious and secure: the connector is inserted or it is not, intermediate states are not possible.

With the Medi-snap, ODU has developed a push-pull connector that is already being mass produced completely of plastic components.

There are 11 different contact inserts for this series, with a maximum of 14 contact positions possible. This is all the more remarkable given that the outer diameter is only 14 mm.

Solder and print terminations are available, and crimp contacts will also be available in the future.

In addition to electric inserts, the portfolio also includes a media feedthrough, which can be adapted to the particular tube and the media. There is also an insert available for fiber optic technology.

All plastic components are manufactured of high-quality materials. PEI and PSU guarantee a long life span (2,000 mating cycles) for the connection and allow sterilization, an important consideration for use in the medical sector.

Cable bend reliefs are made of silicon in order to meet these demands.

Housings range from straight plugs to right-angle plugs to a wide selection of receptacle models: front assembly, back wall assembly, screw-on possibilities, cable pieces, IP64 model and much more.

Colour coding possibilities and mechanical coding possibilities round off the Medi-snap product.

ODU manufactures the product series completely in-house, with automation and efficient manufacture forming the basic requirements.

A typical application from medical technology:

SpO2 patient cable

Typical application: ODU Medi-snap as an interface connector here in acquisition systems for use in monitoring systems

But ODU would not be ODU if it had not long ago implemented customised solutions in this model range.

At first glance, this may seem to be no simple task, since this is a plastic connector, after all.

Modification or adaptation to the customer requirements are synonymous with new injection tools and increased costs.

A Medi-snap model with metal housing solves this problem.

Various components are manufactured of brass and (chrome) finished.

This results in a flexible housing design and a robust connector. The models with metal housings are compatible with the standard plastic connector, which provides the user with a large number of combination possibilities.

Plastic connector with metal housing for especially sturdy use

Rapid prototyping and rapid tooling are two additional possibilities that ODU uses to develop the connector suited to the customer.

In medical technology, the demand is often for one-way or disposable connectors.

For this case, ODU has developed a Snap-in version that is an outstanding reply to this demand. This is a connector housing with integrated insulator.

A molded piece plus contacts, it could not be more economical.

Economical disposal solution from ODU.

In the second step of the development, stamped contacts are also used, in addition to the standard, turned contacts.

The Snap-in version locks and unlocks with a certain force, which can be adapted to the customer's requirements.

In addition, there are also matching receptacles and a matching insulating sleeve for covering the connection area.

The disposable models can be combined with the standard MEDI-SNAP program and the metal models.

A multitude of possibilities unfold for the user.

ODU's objective of supplying the customer with a complete system is pursued with the Medi-snap as well.

The standard Medi-snap and the disposable connector which are available from Clarke and Severn  can even be ordered from ODU, completely packaged with cable and moulded.

This result in a variety of solutions: strain reliefs have been integrated, cable outlets varied depending on the customer and complete PCBs and circuits taken into consideration during the packaging and then moulded.

Considering the possibilities with the Medi-snap series, it is certainly understandable that not only the medical sector is interested in this connector.

Industry, measurement and testing and network connections are not the only markets and applications developing for the Medi-snap.

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