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ODU Mac modular connectors available from Clarke & Severn Electronics

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Unusual problems call for flexible approaches to the solution. Today, this maxim applies to more and more innovative companies.

In situations where the customer would have been satisfied with standard products from the catalog just a few years ago, today there is a demand for a special solution that is custom-tailored to the specific application.

For ODU Steckverbindungssysteme GmbH, as a manufacturer, customised flexibility has taken on an entirely new role here. This is not a new development, even when it comes to connectors, but it is becoming more and more significant.

With the ODU Mac modular connector system available from Clarke and Severn , the user can put together his or her own connector, according to the required configuration.

A solution can be set up for any application in a wide range of areas. The developer can use the 24 different modules that are available at this time to set up any combination.

Depending on the application, the customer has a total of five different frame versions to choose from.

Particularly in test engineering, but also in all other fields in which automatic docking systems are used, different versions of the ODU Mac in the aluminum frame are proving their value.

In addition to a frame version that has extended guide pins and a specially designed mounting system, allowing radial play of up to +/- 1.2 mm with a large number of mating cycles, the mini frame, which is also available in each module length, shines because of its small size.

The ODU Mac in the DIN housing (sizes 1 to 6) is used in the industrial environment, where a sufficiently stable housing is usually required.

Here the user can choose from different housing versions from IP 52 to IP 67 with different locking systems and can integrate contacts for the widest selection of transmission media. This is also true for the entire ODU Mac program.

The ODU Mac is increasingly being used in medical technology, in particular.

The flexible system allows two or more connectors to be combined into one, saving on assembly time and space, and, as a result, costs.

The COAX connectors designed for the HF area are also being used more and more here. Four COAX contacts can be mounted in a space of just under 8 x 30 mm, which means enormous packing density for the total system.

Up to 20 COAX contacts, paired with different supply voltages and even pneumatic and fluid couplings in a single connector, are not unusual.

What is special about the COAX contacts developed by ODU is that they are suitable for up to 100,000 mating cycles if needed, in a non-magnetic version.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Special insert for Patient coil:

  • Non-magnetic
  • < 100.000 mating cycles
  • 8 x 50 W COAX, 1 x 50 W COAX-HV, 20 x signal contacts

Special customised solutions are built for all applications that Clarke and Severn cannot cover with its diverse standard program. A high degree of flexibility is particularly important.

While an economical special frame that has a large number of poles and few mating cycles is called for in one application, another customer is more interested in the use of different media feed-through in one connection system.

Often the ODU designers can offer a useful and economical solution here with a combination of standard products and special developments, which then meet special requirements for the design and chemical resistance, for example.

The newly developed power module is expected to open up an additional application field for the Mac product range.

This has a combination of high electric strength and a 3-mm pin contact, allowing transmission of up to 40 A.

This allows complex controllers with line-powered electromagnetic valves, alternating current motors, servomotors and three-phase systems inside the machine to be coupled together.

Drive technology:

Power module for applications in the 230-V line

A high pole density is reached in data technology by using the five-pole module for POF fiber optics.

The modified connection system allows production in just a few minutes.

A connection system set up in this way can then be mounted in an industry-standard DIN housing, which fulfills the conditions for rough use in a production environment.

Industrial Ethernet is a ubiquitous catchword in production machine networking that is already well within the capability of the ODU Mac program.

With the BUS module, the user can choose from different pole images and connection systems (solder and crimp) and is consequently also open for other BUS systems.

Clip technology allows contacts to be assembled or removed within a few seconds. All contacts are available in solder and crimp versions.

In a nutshell, a multitude of customer requirements can be met with just the ODU Mac product range. Its modular flexibility means that this connector system is at home in nearly all application fields.

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