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New Yantel HC series couplers from Clarke & Severn Electronics

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Clarke & Severn Electronics  introduces the new Yantel HC Series 3db hybrid couplers available in eight different package sizes.
Yantel HC series couplers operate up to 5500MHz with a centre frequency ranging from 450MHz to 2500MHz and power handling of 25 to 500 watts. The low profile, low cost, high performance surface mounted device comes in eight different package sizes ranging from 6.0x3.0mm to 34.0x17.0mm.
Yantel HC series couplers are suitable for AMPS, DCS, PCS, UMTs and 3G band applications.

The scratch resistant couplers are CTE compatible with FR4, G-10, RF-35, RO4350B and polyimide materials, while immersion gold will prevent surface oxidation.
The excellent electrical characteristics of high isolation, high return loss, low insertion loss and tight amplitude and phase balance can reach the rigorous requirements of power distribution and combination, and signal control circuits such as balanced amplifiers, variable attenuators and phase shifters as well as LNAs.

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