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LT Series transceivers from Clarke & Severn Electronics

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Linx Technologies has introduced LT Series transceivers.

The tiny LT Series transceivers offer longest range and lowest power consumption of any transceiver ever offered by Linx.

The LT Series transceivers are ideally suited for a diverse range of consumer and industrial applications that require reliable, cost-effective, bi-directional communication.

Remote control / command with confirmation, paging and call systems with acknowledgment, industrial process and control, access and security, HVAC, periodic data exchange, low-rate networks, repeaters - the markets and applications are limitless.

As with all Linx RF modules, no external RF components are required (except an antenna), allowing for rapid integration, even by engineers without previous RF design experience.

LT Series transceivers operate in the favorable 260 to 470MHz band and are designed for full regulatory compliance and interference immunity, ideally suiting them to domestic as well as export wireless applications.

The modules operate over a 2.1 to 3.6VDC range and feature low power consumption (7.6mA TX, 6.1mA RX, 11.5µA sleep), a wide operational temperature range (-40° to +85°C), adjustable transmitter power with up to +10dBm output, and a typical receiver sensitivity in excess of -112dBm.

This makes the modules capable of transparent serial data transfer at rates of up to 10kbps over outdoor lineof- sight distances in excess of one mile.

However, when the transmit power is set to the maximum allowed under FCC limits, that range will typically be reduced to 3,000 feet or less. Even applications not requiring long ranges will benefit from increased link reliability.

Data can originate from virtually any serial data source, including microcontrollers, RS-232, a Linx transcoder IC, or a Linx USB module.

The modules are RoHS compliant and housed in a compact SMD package that is well suited to both prototyping and high-volume production.

LT Series transceiver is smaller than Linx LR Series receiver modules.

The LT Series transceivers can also be utilized with existing Linx LC and LR Series transmitters and receivers, allowing for mixed mode and legacy configurations, as well as repeater capability for range extension.

LT Series transceivers are available from Clarke & Severn Electronics.


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