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Cree’s GaN HEMT MMIC Power Amplifiers available from Clarke & Severn Electronics

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Cree, Inc. has added five new GaN HEMT MMIC amplifiers to their family of wideband gap MMIC products.

Cree’s MMIC amplifier products are available through Clarke & Severn Electronics .

The new MMIC amplifiers increase the range of frequencies available through X-Band.

CMLA2540001D GaN HEMT low noise amplifiers

The first commercially available GaN HEMT low noise amplifier (LNA) MMIC, the CMLA2540001D operates over the 2.5 - 4 GHz band with small-signal gain of 28 dB and input/output return losses of greater than 10 dB.

At an operating voltage of 24 volts, the device has a noise figure of better than 2 dB over the entire frequency range, with a typical value of 1.7 dB. Input/output third order intercept points are 12 and 38 dBm respectively.

These features make the MMIC amplifiers an excellent choice for a robust LNA with improved linearity and input power handling for radar and other S-band applications. The low noise amplifiers occupy a small chip size of only 1.7mm x 2.5mm.

CMPA2060025D wideband MMIC power amplifiers

Suitable for homeland defence and electronic warfare applications, these MMIC power amplifiers deliver approximately 25 watts of output power from 2 to 6 GHz, improving on the performance and extending the frequency coverage of Cree’s popular CMPA2560025D Series devices down to 2.0 GHz.

Power gain over the band is 17 dB with input/output return losses of better than 7 dB.

The MMIC shows excellent power added efficiency (PAE) of typically 35% over the entire frequency range and measures 3.67mm x 3.61mm.

CMPA2735075D high power MMIC amplifiers

The high power amplifiers provide 75 watts of output power with a typical PAE of 60% over an instantaneous bandwidth of 2.7 - 3.5 GHz.

Suitable for civil and military radar applications that require significant power gain and efficiency within a small footprint, the CMPA2735075D is one of the smallest MMIC high-power amplifiers covering this bandwidth available in the marketplace, measuring just 4.42mm x 5mm.

The amplifier operates with a supply voltage of 28 volts with 20 dB of power gain and is matched to 50 ohms input/output, requiring minimal off-chip bias bypassing.

CMPA5585025D MMIC amplifiers

Suitable for applications in point-to-point radios, satcom, test instrumentation and EMC amplifiers, these MMIC amplifiers provide more than 25 watts output power over the 5 - 8 GHz band.

These MMIC devices provide 20 dB power gain with typical power added efficiencies of greater than 38% within a footprint of only 17.25mm².

CMPA801B025D MMIC amplifiers

The MMIC power amplifiers cover the 8 - 11 GHz frequency range with a typical output power capability of 25 watts.

Suitable for use in satellite communications as well as a variety of civilian and military radar applications, these MMIC devices feature 18 dB of power gain with typical power added efficiencies of 35% in an extremely small size of 4.78mm x 3.61mm.

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