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Connector systems from Clarke & Severn Electronics

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Several manufacturers of magnetic resonance tomograph devices use the connector systems from ODU in Mühldorf.

The connector systems, available from Clarke & Severn Electronics , provide high performance in concealment – 30,000 – 60,000 mating cycles are not rare.

Such a high number of mating cycles are not a problem due to the high-performance contacts in the spring wire system.

With the image resolutions becoming increasingly finer, coaxial contacts must be manufactured for increasingly high frequencies of up to 1.2GHz whilst becoming increasingly smaller. Increasing magnetic flux densities of up to 3 Tesla necessitate completely amagnetic contactors (µr < 1,000).

Diverse coding possibilities, housing forms which are manufactured according to customer specifications, special locking spindles and many more are not rare in the magnetic resonance tomography field. ODU can cover the entire range.

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