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Software simplifies Bluetooth stack implementation

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CLARINOX has developed its own software, ClarinoxBlue, which significantly simplifies the implementation of the Bluetooth protocol stack.

The simple application programmers interface (API) allows the addition of applications to the base-enabling software using approximately 30% less code.

Clarinox has also produced some RS232 hardware modules based upon the CSR Bluetooth chipset and is looking at implementing more of the Bluetooth specification than is currently available at hardware level.

Packaged together, these items will form the basis of the Clarinox system development kit (SDK). The development kit will be tailorable to developers of a wide range of products; from cable replacement for machinery, to wireless headsets.

Through an Australian Microelectronics Network (AMN) grant, Clarinox is investigating the use of microelectronics to offer unique solutions for leading edge designs and the eventual development of a technically superior system on a chip.

Clarinox can also improve client's in-house skills by providing training and consultancy services.

Bluetooth is a short-wave radio frequency technology operating at the 2.4GHz band that allows various devices to communicate without the need for cables or connectors.

Both voice and data can be sent over short range (1-100m) ad-hoc networks without the need for existing infrastructure.

"With Bluetooth you can introduce a system that is not otherwise available, for example, point of sale devices in a heritage building where cabling is not allowed," points out Trish Messiter, Clarinox's director of business development.

"We've done some very interesting work for clients including being able to detect position from a single point and streaming of high quality MP3 audio."

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