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article image V6 -- easy to configure.

CITECT has announced the forthcoming release of CitectSCADA V6. Packed with new features including a powerful Process Analyst; zero-maintenance web client; support for true colour; 500 additional symbols, time-stamped data, and custom alarm filters, V6 will be released on the Australian market in October.

Citect product manager Stephen Flannigan said in V6, Citect had concentrated on producing the easiest-to-use HMI/SCADA software available.

"It is easier to configure and operate with intuitive graphics and introduces the 'Process Analyst' - an innovative visualisation tool that integrates historical alarm and trend data.

"The time saved in configuring projects and in analysing information enables manufacturers to improve efficiencies and productivity, and to lower operating costs," he said.

Central Highlands Water telemetry officer Paul Donald said the Process Analyst available in CitectSCADA V6 was a vast improvement from existing SCADA systems and enabled processes to be optimised by making it easier for operators to analyse disturbances.

"V6 eliminates the need for engineers to build custom analysis screens.

"For example, if an unexpected incident occurs, an operator can create an on-the-fly 'process analyst' view which compares pump run times, pump fault alarms, flow rates and valve settings instead of having to look at four different sources of information," Mr Donald said.

Process Analyst, setting CitectSCADA apart from other SCADA products, is the Process Analyst which is a next generation in historical visualisation tools. It allows operators to analyse the cause of process disturbances by bringing together trend and alarm data, which is traditionally stored separately.

Rather than having to compare a separate historical analogue trend display with an alarm summary or log printout, users can simply view them all on a single integrated display.

Furthermore, the Process Analyst can help operators recognize patterns that lead to particular process disturbances, so that in future they can be avoided.

Any analogue or digital pen can be combined with any alarms on Process Analyst display. Complete flexibility is provided to the operator on how the pens can be displayed, for example they can be overlayed or stacked.

In addition, pens can be placed in different panes to reduce clutter and make the display easier to read.

Custom graphics now can be built using true colour, flashing colours as well as flashing symbols. In addition, more than 500 new graphics symbols have been added, making it easier and faster for engineers to create intuitive pages.

A new web client will also be available with CitectSCADA V6. This is a zero maintenance, fully functional client that is viewed simply using Internet Explorer.

V6 incorporates improved support for time-stamped alarms and trends to millisecond accuracy. Users can now push RTU or Lab data into a new trend type through an application.

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