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Strategic partnerships enable compliance

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CITECT has announced two separate partnership agreements with major European automation companies, FELTEN Automation GmbH and Brains in Motion, (BIM), to provide integrated solutions for the regulated manufacturing industries.

FELTEN and BIMs' vertical industry and product expertise is being tightly integrated with Citect's existing systems, to create enhanced solutions which make it easier for customers from the food and beverage, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries to comply with increasingly stringent regulations.

CitectSCADA Batch and Citect's Industrial Information Management (IIM) module - Tracking and Tracing, enable compliance with regulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11, SP88, GMP4 and the European Food Safety Authority's regulations, respectively.

Already utilised throughout the chemicals and food and beverage markets in Europe, Citect has converted FELTEN's existing Batch product into an integrated module for CitectSCADA, to create an open and scalable, single system solution.

CitectSCADA Batch is a highly configurable, fully redundant batch management solution which enables customers to operate production assets at maximum capacity by automating batch scheduling and operation.

International consumer goods companies such as Beiersdorf, are choosing CitectSCADA Batch to deliver the technology which will bring them into compliance.

Brains in Motion (BIM) has enjoyed considerable success in deploying its existing Tracking product to its local market for a number of years.

By migrating BIM's software to its own IIM architecture, Citect is delivering a Tracking and Tracing IIM module which allows companies to reliably trace every aspect of a batch or lot production process, satisfying both regulatory and end-user requirements.

Used in conjunction with Citect's Quality IIM module, Citect offers manufacturers a unique solution, by allowing them to monitor product genealogy, minimize the negative impact of product recalls and improve product quality and supplier management.

Each module in Citect's IIM suite enables corporate, IT, plant and production managers to improve production efficiency, performance and profitability by transforming and presenting real-time information in business context throughout the enterprise.

This non-invasive, modular approach leverages customers' open technologies and complements existing automation and IT systems to typically deliver significant ROI in 6-12 months.

In each agreement, Citect will license the technology under an OEM relationship. The products will be Citect branded and Citect will provide increased marketing and sales penetration through its global channel partners, as well as implementation services and customer support.

The deals bring a shared opportunity for all parties, with additional revenues over the next five years of $10 million anticipated by Citect.

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