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Single platform for storing plant floor data

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CITECT has announced that Plant2Business Version 3.0, available September 30, expands the ability to aggregate information by including a built-in Historian module that allows transitory plant floor data to be captured and stored forever.

Information integration and aggregation is no longer dependent on snapshots of plant data, but instead can query the status of any part of the plant at any time in history, allowing managers to compare and analyse trends across time, shifts, batches or suppliers.

Citect CEO Wayne Morris said the Historian module's focus was on capturing meta-information as well as just data values, with an emphasis on reliability through redundant SCADA connectors and backfilling capabilities.

“It is also the first Microsoft .NET based product in this market space, showing Citect's commitment to innovation and pioneering development that allowed it to deliver the world's most reliable SCADA product to the market over 10 years ago.”

Plant2Business is Citect's leading product serving plant managers, IT professionals and corporate managers in the emerging industrial information management market.

Unique in its ability to connect to other providers' products, Plant2Business already delivers custom connectors for Wonderware's InTouch, Intellution's Fix32 and iFix, as well as its own HMI/SCADA product, CitectSCADA.

Plant2Business Version 3.0 offers native data access to HMI/SCADA alarm and trend histories as well as to real-time data. This allows the product a far greater depth of data repository for analysis, data publication and data transfers to databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

Plant2Business enables customers to connect simultaneously to multiple, disparate HMI, SCADA and database systems. Publishing data to a variety of clients including Excel, Crystal Reports and Internet Explorer is made possible.

Additionally, it allows extremely easy data transfer between these disparate systems to link business systems to the plant floor.

Its point-and-click configuration environment means that a typical system can be installed and configured in a single day, generating extremely fast ROIs for customers.

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