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SCADA release offers many options

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FOLLOWING the recent release of the Plant2Business suite of products, Ci Technologies has released Citect Version 5.40, the latest version of its Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software.

Citect 5.40 delivers a new programming environment and language, a template project plus many other enhancements designed to make Citect easier and more flexible to use.

With the inclusion of CitectVBA, users are now offered the option of programming in Cicode or CitectVBA.

CitectVBA is a true multi-threaded Microsoft VBA compatible scripting language that is now fully integrated into Citect. As well, Citect V5.4 significantly improves the ease, speed, and readability of the software.

The new QuickStart project feature provides a standard project infrastructure. Based on many years of Citect solution engineering experience, the QuickStart project feature provides a range of project and configuration utilities, such as:

· New alarm, report and trend displays.

· Inbuilt page navigation system.

· Redundancy configuration.

· Pre-defined user types and User Profiles.

· Runtime configurable features.

The QuickStart project feature is designed to eliminate much of the initial learning curve for new users while providing a solid project basis on which to engineer robust solutions.

The Citect Graphics Builder now offers support for OLE Automation. This interface enables Citect Graphics Builder to act as an Automation Server exposing many Graphics Builder functions as well as some Project Editor and Citect Explorer functions.

Custom 3rd party tools built with applications such as Microsoft Visual Basic to automate the creation or maintenance of Citect graphics pages can use this object model. Ci Technologies 02 9855 1028.

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