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Real-time analytics and product tracking

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CITECT has launched two new analysis modules in its suite of Citect industrial information management (IIM) solutions that enable managers to analyse and present real-time information in a business context throughout the enterprise.

The solutions, CitectIIM Metrics and CitectIIM Tracking, take a non-invasive, modular approach, using open technologies and complement existing systems to provide a fast return on investment (ROI).

CitectIIM Metrics is a business intelligence solution for manufacturing which enables production managers to measure key performance indicators (KPIs), consistently on an enterprise-wide basis.

KPIs such as OEE, yield and efficiency are displayed via a web-based dashboard, in a context relevant to each user. Multiple dashboards are accessed through an explorer tree, allowing managers to access KPIs relevant to each layer of the business, from business units, to plants, to individual production lines.

KPIs are updated dynamically in real-time, allowing faster, more accurate decision-making.

CitectIIM Tracking is a system for tracking and tracing product genealogy from suppliers to consumers. The solution is suitable for heavily regulated industries such as food and beverage and pharmaceuticals, and other manufacturers with strict product compliance requirements such as aluminium, automotive and aerospace suppliers.

CitectIIM Tracking has been designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of the European Commissions Food Safety requirements, providing both trace-up and trace-down facilities through a web-based analytics client that integrates seamlessly with the remainder of the CitectIIM Suite.

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