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CITECT has introduced a suite of analysis modules which enable organisations to make continuous process improvements by aggregating data from existing systems and presenting it as real-time information to decision-makers throughout the enterprise.

Using Citect's Industrial Information Management (IIM) solutions, organisations can stay on top of the factors which drive their business by aligning and measuring production key performance indicators, (KPIs) such as asset utilisation and overall equipment efficiencies, (OEE), against business strategies.

Real-time information takes away the guesswork and enables key personnel to take prioritised action to deliver fast and incremental returns to their business.

As an early adopter of this new technology, one of Australia's largest mining companies expects to save $1 million over a two year period using Citect's IIM Downtime module.

According to ARC Advisory Group, customers are investing to achieve more collaborative supply chains - improved operating efficiencies, product quality and plant throughput.

"To achieve this, they are looking for a collaborative solution, aligned with business processes and strategies that leverage real-time plant data in business context, to support decision making."

Enabling organisations to get the highest return in the shortest time, CitectIIM solutions are deployed in a modular approach, delivered through Citect Professional Services, with full support and training for continuous process improvements.

Each module is tightly integrated with existing systems allowing companies to actively monitor, analyse, report and measure efficiencies in the key areas driving their business, whether they are Production, Quality, Downtime or Tracking.

Leveraging information from the combined modules, Citect IIM Metrics is a fully integrated diagnostics system, producing KPIs for score-carding.

Citect IIM production manager Richard Bailey said that as each new module sat on the same single platform, Citect IIM solutions provided incremental value whilst lowering customers' total cost of ownership.

"By leveraging open technologies and complementing existing automation and IT systems, they provide a low risk investment, with significant ROI being typically delivered in 6-12 months."

For example, by drilling down into real-time information on events, causes and effects of stoppages, Citect's IIM Downtime allows organisations to reduce costs relating to downtime. Production and Quality modules measure waste, throughput and consumables to expose losses and increase yields.

Citect IIM solutions are currently being deployed in numerous manufacturing and utilities projects worldwide in the mining, power, automotive and food processing sectors.

Citect will roll out Production, Quality, Tracking, Downtime and Metrics modules over the next few months.

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