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CITECT has released CitectSCADA V6, an industrial automation system with a zero-maintenance web client, support for true colour, 500 additional symbols, time-stamped data and custom alarm filters.

Process Analyst is a visualisation tool that combines historical alarm and trend data in one integrated display, making it easier for operators to analyse the cause of root disturbances.

V6 eliminates the need for engineers to build custom analysis screens. If an unexpected incident occurs, an operator can create an on-the-fly process analyst view which compares pump run times, pump fault alarms, flow rates and valve settings.

A web client allows secure, reliable and easy access from anywhere in an enterprise, and offers users the benefit of concurrent licensing. It provides zero-maintenance, fully-functional clients for CitectSCADA control systems. These can be viewed using Internet Explorer. It provides a link directly to the first page of the SCADA system and allows online changes to graphics pages. The client supports all CitectSCADA features, user files and active-x controls. It also provides data file compression to cater for slow links.

V6 provides direct online access, via a secure connection with encrypted passwords, to the latest drivers without browsing the web. A software tool compares the existing drivers with the updated ones, enabling Citect Gold membership customers to select which drivers to download.

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