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article image Smalley’s pre-load spring with flat turn shim-ends

SMALLEY’s pre-load spring with flat turn shim-ends, available from Circlips , develops similar forces to conventional round wire or helical springs but occupies a third or less of the space.

This not only allows it to be used in a tight axial space, but such high performance springs also maintain the same deflection and load specifications of a conventional spring. The spring is manufactured with the benefit of an circular grain process and drawn from a continuous coil of single filament pre-tempered round edge wire. The design has been re-worked to include flat turn shim-ends and the final result is a spring that that weighs less and operates more effectively in the space envelope available.

The circular grain process used also offers unrivalled production flexibility with no tooling costs, even for prototype or custom configurations. The circumferential flow of the metal grain within the spring gives it a superior quality and performance and delivers accuracy, predictability, dependability and resistance to pitting, scratching, cracking and other imperfections.

Typical uses for such springs include steering columns and applications requiring low to medium spring rates or large deflections with low to medium forces. Because the springs are integrally formed, eliminating the need to keep the wave crests aligned, the wave peaks hold their configuration without needing to use a key locating device or to insert a shim between individual springs.

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