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WeldSkill 200AC/DC inverter welding machines from Cigweld

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Cigweld presents the WeldSkill 200AC/DC inverter welding machines, a range of portable and powerful inverter welding kits designed specifically for home handymen and tradesmen.

The Cigweld WeldSkill 200AC/DC comes as a complete kit and is ideal for light fabrication and maintenance of mild steels, stainless steels and aluminium. Offering excellent AC and DC TIG performance with high frequency start, the welding machines also offer pulse welding capabilities in both AC and DC TIG modes.

The Cigweld WeldSkill 200AC/DC is a 240 volt, full digital control, AC/DC Lift TIG, HF TIG (GTAW) and stick (MMAW) inverter power source specifically designed for the budget conscious user.

Cigweld’s 200AC/DC inverter welding machines feature High Frequency (HF) start, Lift TIG start, Up/Down Slope, Pulse, 2T/4T Trigger Function and Gas Purge for AC or DC TIG welding.

Key features of WeldSkill 200AC/DC inverter welding machines:

  • AC/DC Lift TIG (GTAW), HF TIG(GTAW), Stick (MMAW)
  • High frequency start
  • Digital voltage and amperage meters with preview
  • 2T, 4T with up/down slope
  • Pulse available on AC or DC TIG
  • Gas purge in Lift TIG and HF TIG modes
  • Fully compliant to AS 60974.1-2006, IEC 60974-1 and AS 1674

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