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Transtig 200 welding machine by CigWeld

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Transtig 200 AC/DC is a brand new release, 240 volt, 15 amp, full digital control, AC/DC, stick/lift TIG/HF TIG inverter power source.

With like high frequency start, lift arc start, up/down slope, AC/DC pulse, repeat (latch) function and spot mode, one has got the ultimate unit designed for precision TIG and

MMAW welding of all weldable materials.

Ideally suited for light fabrication and maintenance of aluminium and stainless steel, the 200 AC/DC also has an integrated Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) for improved operator safety.

VRD is short for Voltage Reduction Device. VRD reduces the welding power source’s open circuit voltage (OCV). OCV is the voltage measured across the terminals when not welding.

The VRD unit will turn on welding power when the resistance between the electrode and work is less than 200 Ohms (typically metal to metal contact).

This means that during non-arcing periods (when not welding), the chance of being electrocuted from the secondary welding circuit has virtually been eliminated.

The new Cigweld range of inverter welding power sources now incorporate a standards compliant voltage reduction device (VRD) as a standard feature.

No more Bolt ons or Retro fits, this superior integrated VRD technology is the future in welding safety today.

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