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Synergic pulse MIG welding technology

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CIGWELD Australia will be showing the latest high-tech MIG welding equipment on Stand 0918 during National Manufacturing Week 2006 at Sydney's Darling Harbour, from May 30 to June 2.

Its Transmig SP series offers a complete range of high-technology, digital micro-processor controlled Synergic Pulse MIG Welding Equipment which CIGWELD says has the potential to transform the automotive, aluminium/stainless steel fabrication and repair/maintenance industrial sectors.

According to CIGWELD, its customers are looking for improved productivity, reduced component reworks, and multiple process capabilities from their equipment - as these elements impact directly on profitability.

In order to meet these requirements, it developed its synergic pulse MIG welding equipment, offering a number of unique features, including:

* Multi-process GMAW (conventional MIG); synergic non-pulse; synergic pulse; TwinPulse, GTAW, MMAW and CAG.

* 90 synergic non-pulse/synergic pulse programs in each model.

* 100 independent, user-defined settings for frequently used welding jobs.

* MIG TwinPulse, providing effortless TIG-like weld appearance.

* Programmable scratch-start TIG.

* Standards-compliant built-in voltage reduction device (VRD) in MMAW mode.

* One Touch Control, giving ideal welding parameters for both synergic non-pulse welding and synergic pulse welding over a wide range of different gas/wire/material thickness combinations; this is just a matter of setting material thickness, and then starting to weld.

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