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Cigweld releases new Transarc and Transtig single phase inverters for welding

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Cigweld introduces a new range of inverters for welding applications. The new ranges include the Transarc 130i and 170i as well as the Transtig 170Ti and 170Pi.

Cigweld’s new Transarc 130 and 170 amp single-phase inverter welders are more efficient and easier to control than ever with several safety features including the VRD function ensuring voltage at the stick before start is just 8V; integrated fail to safe to shut the unit down if voltage exceeds 35V when not welding; and insulated plastic housing with IP23S rating to ensure operator safety when working in confined spaces or the outdoors.

Comprising of Stick (MMAW) and Lift TIG (GTAW) welders, the range has been designed to meet the demands of diverse industries from farming to construction, general maintenance, building and on-site repair. The mining model is built robust to offer extra protection without compromising on performance.

Transarc 130i & 170i plants – precision welding for optimal performance

Key features and benefits include enhanced welding efficiency with exceptional arc start and run performance; TIG shielding gas controls eliminating wasted gas between welds; 130i model weighing just above 7kg, and 170i weighing in at 11.5kg, allowing the equipment to be taken on-site; and optional TIG torch with remote control function allowing weld current setting to be adjusted from the torch while welding.

These welding machines are suitable for on-site repair and maintenance, light fabrication and stainless work.

Transarc 130i & 170i MineSpec plants – packed with safety

In addition to the above features, the Transarc MineSpec version comes with a braided and reinforced supply lead that virtually eliminates electric shock from a damaged power cord. Additional features in the mining model also include heavy duty, IP66 rated and compliant 15A supply plug as standard, plugging in to form a weatherproof seal against damp, dirt and grime; and stick electrode holder with deadman switch ensuring voltage at the electrode before start is zero volts, with voltage increasing to 8V DC (VRD on) when the operator presses the deadman switch to start welding.

The Mine Spec units are ideal for welding in confined spaces specifically in construction and maintenance applications on mining sites.

Transtig 170Ti - a better quality weld that starts first time

An expansion on the MineSpec version, the Transtig 170Ti incorporates the same safety and functional features in addition to the high frequency start function in TIG mode. Ideal for welding in confined spaces in construction and maintenance applications on mining sites or for more intricate welds required in pipework, the high frequency 170Ti model offers a better weld quality without contaminating the tungsten electrode. The operator will also get a more positive arc start at a lower amperage setting without any delay.

Transtig 170Pi - precise heat control for those intricate jobs

Suitable for welders working with specialised stainless steel and precise pipework, or those in fabrication workshops and the food and beverage sector doing intricate TIG work, the Transtig 170Pi delivers all the safety, power saving and high performance features of the 170i in addition to high frequency start and pulse.

The Transtig 170Pi gives precise heat control on the more intricate welds with the pulse TIG type machine reducing distortion and improving penetration to get a better mix of metals and a much cleaner finish. The high frequency design will also provide a more positive arc start at lower amperage setting for assured first time starts.

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