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Cigweld launches new welding helmets with eye-viz protection

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article image Cigweld ProLite welding and grinding helmets

Cigweld has introduced a new range of welding helmets that offers assured protection to the operator’s eyesight.

Cigweld ProLite welding and grinding helmets are fit-for-purpose helmets that tick all the boxes for safety, convenience, performance and user-friendly operation.

In Australia, welding and grinding activities are responsible for nearly a third of all eye injuries, resulting in more than 500 hospitalisations every year. Aside from the pain and inconvenience caused, the high incident rate results in thousands of lost hours, which mean significant downtime for any busy construction or mining operation. 

Most of these injuries occur when people don’t wear protection or adequate protection. In a survey conducted by Monash University in Victoria, as many as half of those injured through welding-related activities and a third of those injured through grinding-related activities didn’t report wearing any eye protection at all. 

However, people are getting injured even with protection because they’re relying on inappropriate, inadequate or sub-standard equipment, or simply not using it properly. 

A key risk during welding is the ‘flash’ or ‘arc eye’, a type of sunburn to the cornea, caused by staring too long at harmful UV rays, which can be extremely painful and potentially debilitating. During grinding, the operator must be careful of the disc spinning at 7,000-odd RPM or flying debris – normally hot shards of metal, which can easily be flicked underneath or through the sides of safety glasses and become embedded in the eye. 

It’s critical to choose the right equipment, which means wearing a proper, fit-for-purpose welding helmet that not only protects the eyes but also offers full facial and neck protection, reducing the impact of arc rays that can cause burning of the skin. Welding helmets should be comfortable and lightweight, have a good sweatband to keep the sweat out of the eyes, and have a good field of view. 

Welding helmets should also have: compliance with Australian Standards; auto-darkening and adjustable shade settings; a minimum of two light sensors; a minimum reaction time of 1/20,000th second; durable hardwearing material construction with high impact rating; button touch controls to switch between welding and grinding modes; and easily replaceable batteries.

Cigweld ProLite welding and grinding helmets 

The ProLite welding and grinding helmet features four highly sensitive light sensors that can take readings and make adjustments to the variable lens in less than 1/20,000th of a second. Even at very low amperages, the helmet knows exactly how much light to let in, which makes it ideal for low current AC and DC TIG work as well as more powerful stick and MIG jobs. 

Key features of Cigweld ProLite welding and grinding helmets include replaceable CR2450 lithium batteries; solar panel, which draws energy from the arc ray exposure, prolonging battery life; generous viewing area of 98mm x 55mm; simple button allowing switching between welding and grinding modes; optional magnification lens; and full compliance with AS/NZS1337.1 and AS/NZS1338.1. 

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