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Cigweld launches new ProPlus auto darkening welding helmets

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article image Cigweld’s ProPlus auto darkening welding helmets

Cigweld introduces the ProPlus welding helmets featuring a lightweight design, high performance battery and extended visual functioning.

Representing the convergence of several helmet models into a single fully integrated unit, Cigweld ProPlus auto darkening welding helmets offer a highly versatile option for any industry by featuring the latest advancements in automated welding helmet technology to comfortably support MIG, Stick, TIG, plasma arc welding, air carbon arc cutting, oxy/fuel gas welding, oxygen cutting and grinding.

Cigweld’s ProPlus digital auto darkening welding helmets deliver exceptional response in the 4-sensor auto darkening filter lens with a reaction time of 1/25,000th of a second to allow the operator to move easily between welding, cutting and grinding without distraction, ensuring there is no disruption between welding jobs. 

The low amperage TIG rating of 2 amps and above supports even the most subtle welding applications, so that the operator can control the arc while the helmet intelligently controls the visibility.

Key features of Cigweld’s ProPlus auto darkening welding helmets include a digital LED display delivering a discreet feed of the settings with a manual option for total control; precision designed viewing area providing the optimal dimensions to hone in on the task without fringe distractions; responsive auto darkening with the ProPlus auto-darkening variable shade 5-13 shade lens; and a sensitive 4-sensor lens for the operator to move between welding jobs without changing helmets with the reflexive lens sensor sensitive enough for welding, cutting and grinding. 

An optional Cigweld magnification lenses to further extend vision enhancement; energy saving, longer life smart battery with solar assist; choice of four graphic designs to keep individual gear distinctive; distinctive helmet bag to protect mask and accessories; 2-year limited warranty; and tough high impact rating for the fully AS/NZS 1337.1 compliant shell, with filter lens compliant to AS/NZS 1338.1 are some of the other features of the new ProPlus welding helmets.

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