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CIGWELD at the forefront with synergic pulse welding technology

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The future is here today with the arrival of the newest addition to CIGWELD’s comprehensive range: Synergic Pulse MIG Welding Equipment.

Set to transform the automotive, aluminium/stainless steel fabrication and repair/maintenance sectors, the Transmig SP series is a complete range of high-technology, digital micro-processor controlled Synergic Pulse MIG Welding Equipment.
Here at CIGWELD, we know that you want improved productivity, reduced component reworks, and multiple process capabilities from your equipment.

And we know that your profitability is based on weld quality, weld repeatability, power consumption, equipment flexibility, negligible rework and minimal weld clean up.

So we have developed our Synergic Pulse MIG Welding Equipment with a market-leading collection of standard features, delivering all of these attributes, plus more.

• Multi-process, GMAW-Conventional (MIG); Synergic non-pulse; Synergic Pulse; TwinPulse®, GTAW, MMAW and CAG            
• 90 synergic non-pulse/synergic pulse programs in each model            
• 100 independent, user-defined, frequently used welding jobs            
• MIG TwinPulse®, providing effortless TIG-like weld appearance            
• Programmable scratch–start TIG            
• Standards-compliant built-in voltage reduction device (VRD) in MMAW mode            
• One Touch Control, delivering the perfect welding parameters for both synergic non-pulse welding and synergic pulse welding over a wide range of different gas/wire/material thickness combinations: simply set the material thickness, then start welding.  

It’s your choice CIGWELD’s Transmig SP series is the definitive, digitally controlled, multi-purpose, synergic pulse MIG, offering you the ultimate in high performance welding. So transform your business today.

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