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Video smoke detection system

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CHUBB Fire has launched a radical and innovative smoke detection system called Video Smoke Detection (VSD) set to provide early detection of fires.

According to Frank Scamarcia, general manager of Chubb Fire, the unique system effectively differentiates between smoke, dust and steam, thereby eliminating false alarms.

"The new VSD system revolutionises smoke alarms and fire safety through its ability to analyse image movements to determine the presence of smoke particles," he said.

Traditional smoke detection systems do not recognise smoke until it has built up from floor to ceiling and created a thick concentration around the alarm, finally triggering a response.

In contrast, VSD detects smoke at its origin, instantaneously analysing smoke as it seeps from the source.

"Smoke exhibits unique characteristics that the VSD system recognises,” Frank said.

“It is an extremely accurate early detection system and can be used where existing smoke detection products are unsuitable or unable to provide adequate protection.

"The appeal of VSD lies In its ability to visually detect the exact location of a fire, giving operators the ability to identify the source and react to a fire before it gains momentum.

"There has also been significant interest in VSD capabilities in external smoke detection, never before possible, and reducing the rate of false alarms," he added.

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