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Macadamia nut processing industry uses Chiorino’s PU range belts

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The following polyurethane belt types are being used in the sorting processing of macadamia nuts. This client traditionally used PVC belts in all applications, but since changing over to the Chiorino PU range of belts has experienced greater durability, easier cleaning and overall lower contamination levels when using the HP range in processing raw nut kernel.

2M5 UO-U2 Blue HP:

Operators prefer the antiglare properties of the blue satin surface. The belt is easier to clean and does not suffer any staining from the nut oil which is common with PVC style belts.

The HP range represents more investment by the customer but yields longer overall belt life.

2M12 UO-U20 Green:

The construction and top surface of the belt is able to handle the abrasion of the cracked nut shells and is perfect for applications with minimal oil contamination.

The belt is easier to clean and if the belt was offered as a HP belt it would be indestructible in this and similar applications.

2M5 UO-U2 HP WA and 2M12 UO-U10 W:

These belt types are currently being used with B section T20U cleats in the process of cracked and whole kernel. The client has indicated that these belts perform better than the competitors, are easier to clean, resist gouging and cutting and are quieter running.

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