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Dining services from Chilli Padi

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Chilli Padi  is a restaurant offering diverse dining services to the customers. The main focus of Chilli Padi is to provide the guests a place for family, colleagues and friends to meet and interact during the meal. Chilli Padi offers dishes across Asia from India to South East Asia including China and Japan. Chilli Padi believes that the Asian food should evolve constantly in its restaurant.

The team of Chilli Padi creates dishes and menus combining the traditional recipies with local produce. Chilli Padi also creates dishes using western deign template and modern techniques in the presentations. During the evening, Chilli Padi encourages family style dining with dishes placed at the center of table for everyone to share.

The various events offered by Chilli Padi include ladies night out, chilli malam super. Student happy hour meals tell mum you had meat, veggie and fruit. The tell mum you had meat, veggie and fruit offered by Chilli Padi includes Thai lunch box and Japanese lunch box. The Thai lunch box consists of green papaya salad, red curry beef, Sirocco mint tea and whole fruit. The Japanese lunch box comprises of teriyaki chicken, whole fruit, edamame beans and Sakuranbo Vert green tea.

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