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FleetWave Fleet Management Software used at Volkswagen Group

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Chevin Fleet Solutions  is a specialist provider of fleet management information systems including the web-based FleetWave fleet management software designed to improve fleet performance.

Managing the annual vehicle fleet for the 4,500+ Volkswagen Group employees in the UK across multiple brands including Audi, Seat and Skoda is no mean feat.

Qualifying VW Group (VWG) employees are entitled to order and specify vehicles, with the vehicles then being built and delivered into the UK marketplace. The process generates various records relating to the turnover of 11,000 vehicles per annum.

Till recently, these processes were particularly difficult to operate by complicated and disparate systems involving a number of varying formats including paper-based documents and digital spreadsheets.

Client Brief

VWG UK researched the asset management software market and selected FleetWave fleet management software from Chevin Fleet Solutions to consolidate all existing processes into one easy-to-use, web-based solution that is accessible by all Group Services staff across all VWG sites.

Client Benefits

FleetWave went live at VWG in July 2009 and has already greatly increased productivity by enabling additional data capture and allowing a single system overview of all business process critical data.

The fleet management software covers new vehicle orders, building schedules, pre-delivery inspections, vehicle handback and handover appointments, returned vehicle damage invoicing and future replacement vehicle order forecasting.

The VWG FleetWave system also interfaces between a number of systems including the VWG factory mainframe system and external systems such as BCA inspection PDA terminals to allow the transparent flow of vehicle order data.

Crucially, FleetWave also enabled VWG to speed up communication, as relevant information can be disseminated electronically via email, SMS and hard copy letter, keeping the end user updated throughout the whole order process experience.

Since its installation FleetWave has not only reduced system overhead costs, system operating costs and software costs but also provided VWG employees with transparent, accessible processes that enhance their user experience.

Client Quote

Since introducing FleetWave in 2009, the consolidation of internal system processes has removed duplication of effort and significantly reduced data entry time.

FleetWave fleet management software solution also means a higher level of data visibility, previously not available, which in turns reduces the potential for error and lost time.

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