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Chevin Fleet management software helps fleet managers meet Duty of Care responsibilities

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Fleet management software from Chevin Fleet Solutions can help with concerns about Duty of Care responsibilities, both for the driver and the manager.

Fleet management software enables the user to obtain and track accurate and up-to-date data about fleet operations, including everything needed to meet Duty of Care obligations as efficiently as possible.

For people managing a fleet, there is a certain responsibility to maintain a safe working environment for drivers. This includes making sure vehicles are roadworthy and have statutory MOTs, as well as ensuring that regular maintenance and checks are done on fluid levels, tyre pressure and wear, and lights.

Fleet managers are also responsible for ensuring drivers have a valid licence and are physically fit to be behind the wheel at all times.

Fleet managers should think about how they store and use the data they have about their fleet operations. Quality fleet management solutions like FleetWave and RoadBASE from Chevein Fleet Solutions do more than record data, they provide the intelligence needed to transfer information into notifications and alerts for MOTs, services, medicals, sight tests, and advanced driving course start and refresher dates.

There are tough penalties for both driver and employer for failing to meet standards, so taking steps to ensure the law is abided by is critical.

A fleet management software package can enable fleet managers to do this by automatically alerting the fleet manager if a drivers’ licence is no longer valid and by integrating new changes in legislation within the software package.

Essentially, a good fleet management solution will offer the fleet manager peace of mind that their most important assets, their employees, are being looked after. Intuitive fleet management software from Chevin Fleet Solutions can be relied upon to help do this.

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