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Chevin Fleet Solutions Delivers Fleet Management Oversight to Cox Enterprises Assets

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Cox Enterprises is utilising FleetWave from Chevin Fleet Solutions to deliver comprehensive fleet and asset management oversight for more than 14,000 assets across North America.  

Considered one of the world’s most diverse corporate entities, Cox is a multi-billion dollar business with 65,000 employees, and is home to international consumer and trade brands across the communication and automotive industries.  

Cox Enterprises also includes a media group that delivers broadcast, publishing, digital and advertising services across North America, and is one of the largest suppliers of cable TV and broadband in the US.  

Cox additionally offers the internet’s biggest auto classified marketplace, Autotrader.com and is also responsible for the industry’s chief vehicle remarketing service provider, Manheim.  

The Challenge  

Cox’s Communications has a mixed fleet of light track vans, bucket trucks, service vans and heavy duty vehicles, each playing a vital role in its delivery of nationwide IP Network.  

To manage its vehicles and the vehicle-related data generated by operations, Cox used a hybrid fleet management application provided by one of its vehicle maintenance management vendors.  

When the service was withdrawn by the vendor, an interim database was introduced to manage records while a suitable solution was sourced. While the database was able to capture the large volumes of data generated by the fleet and its suppliers, it could not provide timely reports or examine that information in a meaningful way.  

The system supported data generated from vehicle maintenance and accident records, fuel expense claims, and administrative documentation such as purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices.  

Users found the system cumbersome, requiring difficult and labour-intensive manual input of data.  

The Solution  

Cox soon realised the need for an intelligent fleet management solution to harness the power of its 14,000-strong fleet: the frontline in delivering its industry renowned cable and broadband services.  

Maintaining and managing a fleet this diverse produces vast amounts of data, most of which is vital to Cox’s operations. An information system capable of integrating the internal systems with company-wide operating data in addition to information generated by numerous external vendors was needed.  

The replacement fleet management system needed to be uncomplicated, so that various personnel across multiple departments could use the applications easily.  

Additionally, in order to be used across the country and potentially around the world, the system had to be web-based, enabling users to log in from any workstation in any location.  

A consultation team was set up by Cox to define the fleet management teams’ specific requirements and create a shortlist of potential candidates based on the following criteria: flexibility, accessibility and global visibility.  

FleetWave fleet management system from Chevin Fleet Solutions was selected and the implementation was rolled out in October 2008.  

A dedicated project manager from Chevin walked through Cox’s complex business processes with the internal consulting team to ascertain how FleetWave could best be configured to harness the potential of Cox’s valuable assets. Interface design could begin after system configuration and prototyping.    

This process involved close liaison with the fleet department to design screens to correspond with specific requirements and drop-down menus that were user-definable and simple to operate.  

Once developed, the numerous interfaces were tested internally and then with vendors, vehicle and equipment leasers, maintenance and accident management services as well as commercial fuel card providers. To accomplish the aggressive four-month implementation project, comprehensive onsite system training was delivered.  

The Results  

As part of an overall company strategy to reduce costs and streamline processes, Cox Enterprises rolled out its new enterprise fleet management information system, FleetWave across its Communication Division and Corporate Headquarters fleet personnel with a view to extending the system to further divisions in the future.

Key benefits derived by Cox from FleetWave fleet management system

  • Enabled Cox to capture its complex and disparate fleet and operational data across all of its divisions
  • Allowed Cox to extrapolate real-time information to leverage acquisition costs and reduce fleet spend
  • Achieved 10% fleet size reduction for its communications, media and headquarter divisions
  • Global visibility allows access to real-time performance data so that any variance can be closely monitored and resources allocated effectively
  • More accurate data available to fleet managers due to automated consolidation of numerous information streams
  • Ability to quickly identify and address inefficiencies across the division
  • Significant reduction in administrative hours with vendors having access to relevant interfaces so that they can input data directly

Cox Enterprises is still expanding its use of FleetWave fleet management system and exploring ways to build on the current system with additional modules to further optimise fleet operations.

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