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Chevin Fleet Solutions Chosen by Limerick County Council for Fleet Management Solution

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article image FleetWave implemented at Limerick County Council

A fleet management solution implemented by Chevin Fleet Solutions for the Limerick County Council has helped streamline processes in their road maintenance division.  

For the residents of Limerick, reliable infrastructure is vital and it's been the job of the Council for over a century to ensure that the roadways that keep Limerick on the move are in good condition.  


Limerick County Council's road maintenance division fleet operating from its machine yard comprises of a hundred owned and hired assets including road graders, rollers, bitumen sprayers, chip spreaders, trucks, vans, pick-ups, patching units, gritters and emergency equipment.  

A fleet management system was first introduced ten years ago, utilising spreadsheet applications to store large volumes of information from a range of documents, which carne in the form of vehicle maintenance records, job schedule information and itinerary as well as work site reports.  

According to Patrick Golding, Limerick County Council's Operations Director, the existing system wasn't able to cope with the increasing levels of information that needed to be recorded relating to new health and safety legislation, training, plant, equipment and building certification.  

After researching the market for a suitable provider, Patrick noticed that most systems available were tailored to suit commercial vehicle operators, as they were Windows-based solutions that incorporated stores, invoicing and purchase orders amongst others, rather than the specialist records that the machine yard generated. 


Chevin Fleet Solutions was chosen by Limerick as it had a web-based fleet management solution that could be accessed anywhere at any time by an unlimited number of users, allowing for total flexibility.  

Limerick's specialised fleet comprising of a variety of plant and equipment required a highly flexible solution that could be built and added to as the demands on their service provision changed.  

A dedicated project manager was assigned by Chevin to oversee the implementation process right from order stage to final handover to create a solution that ideally suited Limerick's requirements.  

Chevin recognised that the machine yard required a fully automated fleet management solution able to integrate data from various interfaces including document, accident, workshop and asset management, both internally and externally to provide personnel with full visibility, enabling them to tap into powerful information that would help streamline operations.  

Equipped with this new-found accessibility, managers would be empowered to make key human resource decisions and allocate assets more effectively with the help of user-friendly sort and query functions.  

With the use of digital dashboards, reminders could be set for training courses, motor tax renewals and regular asset maintenance in order to speed up procedures, minimise human error and manage the accumulation of records.  

During the consultation period, Chevin liaised with staff to create flexible screens including using defined text and calculation fields resulting in a totally unique software solution customised to Limerick’s needs and backed up by ongoing training and support.  

Other modules included in Limerick's FleetWave package were maintenance schedule records, fuel recording and analysis, plant inspection information, driver details, motor pool as well as portable device resources, giving Limerick a one-stop-solution that consolidated all fleet related information, which could be easily cross-referenced.  

Pre-populated fields were developed on all interfaces to ensure that data input would be consistent, particularly for those that used portable devices on the road. The machine yard could now create comprehensive reports enabling it to identify any irregularities and get to the source of any issues. 


The Limerick County Council workforce is able to input data to PDAs and laptops off-site, resulting in faster access and highly accurate data.  

FleetWave is completely user-definable allowing the system to be built to meet exact needs as well as offer flexibility to add fields, alter layouts and add interfaces as necessary.  

The flexibility allows them to record not only the data they need but present it in a way most suited to their needs, and make changes if necessary.  

In the two years since the FleetWave implementation, the Limerick County Council has been able to streamline processes to provide a better, more cost-effective road maintenance service, using a future-proof solution that automatically updates in line with new legislation and can be expanded to include limitless interfaces.

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