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Blue Mountains City Council uses Chevin vehicle fleet management software system

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Chevin Fleet Solutions  recently provided a vehicle fleet management software system to the Blue Mountains City Council to enable them to move away from the excel spreadsheets they had been using to manage their vehicle data.

The Blue Mountains local government area covers 143,000 hectares of land in the Greater Sydney Region. About 70% of the area is incorporated into the World Heritage Blue Mountains National Park, with approximately 11% of the total land area in private ownership and available for human settlement.

The primary aim of the new vehicle fleet management system was to move away from excel spreadsheets, which were being used by both fleet and maintenance departments, separately. As neither party shared the data servicing was only being run from a time basis, no distance intervals could be calculated as workshops did not see the fuel records.

The Fleet department would have multiple people working on the spreadsheet, so when one was in it, the other could not. Furthermore, all council owned vehicles and plant items were also to be managed within the system.

The Blue Mountains City Council has multiple workshops, so the new fleet management system need to allow individual access by both. Additionally, this new functionality was to give all council employees the details that were previously held by the fleet department.

Key benefits the Blue Mountains City Council will receive from their new vehicle fleet management software system include:

  • data validation
  • centralised system with distributed access across entire council
  • all vehicle related data is controlled giving specific groups the visibility to the the relevant vehicle data
  • integrated system that allows workshops to benefit from fleet data imports, such as fuel
  • Council wide pool booking system allows all employees to see what vehicles are available and request a booking on-line
  • greater reporting due to better data monitoring and exception reporting.
The new Chevin vehicle fleet management software system has provided the Blue Mountains City Countil with a much greater ability to spot items of concern, plus they can see trends early, highlighting training opportunities or opportunities to implement other risk management reduction strategies.

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