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Chess Valve Wheel Wrenches allow for the quick and easy opening of valves, saving you time and helping to reduce risk of injury to yourself and staff.

Ideal for use in confined spaces or working on overhead hand-wheels, Chess valve wrenches feature a specially designed grip to minimise slipping, ensuring a simple and hassle-free opening process.

Giving you a mechanical advantage of six times over manual valve handling, this wrench is guaranteed to open almost any valve.

Valve Wheel Wrench Models

  • WR1 - Length 150mm (6"), Weight 0.25kg, Suitable valve size 1/2" to 6" valves
  • WR2 - Length 225mm (9"), Weight 0.70kg, Suitable valve size 2" to 4" valves
  • WR3 - Length 450mm (18"), Weight 2.60kg, Suitable valve size 6" to 18" valves
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29/08/13 - Chess Engineering Pty Ltd has been designing and manufacturing valve wrenches for hand-operated valve wheels for over 35 years.

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