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The importance of valve wheel wrenches

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Chess Engineering Pty Ltd has been designing and manufacturing valve wrenches for hand-operated valve wheels for over 35 years.

Industrial hand-operated valves play a critical role in controlling the workings of major industrial plants, factories, and refineries. At its most basic, a valve is an ingenious mechanical device that controls the flow of liquids, liquidised solids, gases, slurries and other materials by permitting them to pass through the pipe, closing off the pipe, or partially just doing so. 

Most oil, gas and power-generating companies as well as mining, sewerage, and chemical manufacturing plants require these hand-operated valves for critical operations. However, valves are usually located in high-risk, cramped spaces, and are often difficult to operate. At critical times, when valve wheels need to be moved quickly, workers can be under incredible time pressure, risking injury. 

Using the correct valve wrench can eliminate the possibility of injury by supplying the extra torque needed to move a stuck valve wheel and reduce the chance of slippage when working in overhead or tight spaces. In some situations, it can take up to two hours to open or close a large valve. Workers in these situations need to be using the best tools possible to ensure their health and safety. 

According to David McCarthy, National Sales Manager from Chess Industries, the Chess valve wrench is a great device for industries to improve the operation of valve wheels and the safety of workers. Valves wheels can be operated more quickly while also reducing injuries such as strained backs, shoulders and arms. 

Chess valve wheel wrenches are designed with a specially shaped opening to fit snugly onto the valve wheel, minimising slipping, and providing a mechanical advantage of six times the normal strength. Made from alloy steel for strength and durability, each wrench is designed to fit a variety of wheel sizes and shapes. The wrenches can operate safely in a wide temperature range, will not slip off and damage valves, and will not cause sparks or leave burrs on the wheel.

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