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Chess Engineering provide a range of Spring Balancers that help reduce the risk of injury and increase productivity in the workplace. These Spring Balancers are designed to support heavy hand operated process tools and enables them to be operated with minimum effort.

Increase productivity and reduce employee fatigue

Features and benefits include:

  • Able to support weights up to 180kg and with stroke lengths up to 2.5m, strong design and reliability
  • Reduce the risk of injury at work and increase productivity, with repetitive lifts.
  • Used to support welding guns, spray guns, hand tools, crane pendant controllers and any other item of equipment that requires support during normal operations.
  • Spring balancers are the perfect tool for reducing employee fatigue whilst increasing productivity and safety
  • When properly installed, the tool or piece of equipment becomes almost weightless for the operator making it easier and safer to use

Spring Balancers that provide support and safety

  • Enclosed body refrains from fingers being caught in the revolving drum
  • Wire arrest mechanism combats any accidental dislodging by stopping the revolving drum pully within 20cm
  • In order to prevent wear of the slot of the Spring Balancer body, a split type Nylon liner for wire rope, called the body liner, has been introduced in the new design Spring Balancers.
  • Easy adjustment of spring tension has been made available as the gearbox position has been rotated through 90 degrees so that spring tension adjustment can be made by working in vertical axis.
  • A small slot has been provided to facilitate removal and Re-installation of the wire rope without any need for dismantling of the Spring Balancers.
  • All springs are now supplied in concealed containers for easy replacement
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