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Chess exhaust scrubbers reduce pollution in diesel engines

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Exhaust scrubbers from Chess Engineering Pty Ltd are now available for use by the public and OEMs to minimise exposure to emissions of carbon particulate matter and gaseous pollutants from diesel engines.

Exposure to these emissions by equipment operators and other personnel without adequate ventilation is a contributing factor in heart disease, lung disease and various forms of cancers. Exposure to diesel exhaust can decrease productivity and increase employee sick time. 

Independent testing shows that Chess exhaust scrubbers will allow personnel to work closer to engines with reduced health risks from harmful diesel pollutants. For instance, carbon monoxide is reduced from 540ppm to 170ppm while diesel particulate is reduced from 254.0 (ECmgM³) to 9.0 (ECmgM³).

Designed to significantly reduce exhaust emissions of heat, carbon particulates and some gases, the exhaust scrubber tank is a key component of the Chess flameproofing system.

Since 1975, Chess Engineering has been flameproofing forklifts and materials handling equipment to meet Australian and international standards for Zone 1 and Zone 2 requirements for use in hazardous areas, dangerous goods and military locations. Chess flameproofing systems serve both the public and OEM markets with a customer base that includes Toyota, Cummins, Crown, Hyster, Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Yale. 

Chess’ exhaust scrubbers combining a wet tank and mechanical core filter technology are now available outside the flameproofing industry for general use. The unique tri wet scrubber maximises exhaust contact along with the dual core particular filter, which is made up of a number of desecrate plate wafers. Exhaust gases and particulates from the engine are forced to flow through both the tri wet scrubber and dual core filter.

Key features of Chess exhaust scrubbers:

  • Minimises exposure to harmful pollutants and improves the work environment
  • Allows work to be done indoors close to an engine with reduced health risks
  • Minimal back pressure reduction helps to maintain vehicle efficiency
  • Heavy duty construction from corrosion resistant materials
  • Accommodates the environmental rigours of heat and vibration
  • Typically mounted 500mm from the exhaust manifold
  • Easy to flush and clean in minutes
  • Installation can be done by Chess personnel or customer
  • Easy to follow instruction manual
  • Quick release custom clamps
  • Tank sizes available to accommodate a variety of motor capacities and applications

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