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CEVA logistics, parent company of CEVA Pallecon , manages the selection, packaging and delivery of unassembled parts before the assembly line, with a goal to minimise production and installation time. CEVA Pallecon performs quality inspections in the warehouse and also removes goods that fail to meet the standards. CEVA Pallecon optimises transportation flow known as the milk run, through multiple collections and delivery routes for customers in the industry. With the help of sequencing services, CEVA Pallecon arranges for items that are designed for the production line to be picked in a specific sequence.

CEVA Pallecon manages the inventory of several vendors in the warehouse, related to one or more plants. The manufacturing logistics include various processes such as sub-assembly, inventory planning, line replenishment and packing. CEVA Pallecon offers cost-effective sub-assembly services to automotive, technology, retail and consumer goods industries. CEVA Pallecon tightly controls inventory flow through its warehouse management systems. CEVA Pallecon ensures that the right materials are available at the right place when needed for the production line. CEVA Pallecon offers customised repacking and packing services. Packing and repacking can be done for safe shipping or separating one or more items of an order.

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