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Company Focus: Intermediate bulk handling solutions from CEVA Pallecon

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article image CEVA Pallecon is a division of CEVA Logistics, the world's largest pure play contract logistics provider

One of the biggest challenges facing companies looking to develop more sustainable business practices is the question of packaging. A pervasive business requirement, packaging is involved in all aspects of the life cycle of a product, and extends far beyond its final presentation on retail shelves.

The manufacture of most consumer goods is a complicated process that requires raw materials to be shipped from their point of origin to a manufacturing plant and from there onwards through various distribution channels to the final point of sale.

This can quickly become a costly venture, and one that is not easily reconciled with the growing desire for more environmentally friendly business practices.

One logistics provider that endeavours to improve its social and environmental impact on communities around the globe, and hence to assist its customers in doing the same, is CEVA Logistics, which was founded in Australia in 1946 as TNT Logistics, before being rebranded with its current name in late 2006.

Committed to policies and practices that promote sustainable development, CEVA Logistics describes itself as an environmentally responsible organisation that aspires to help people realise their potential and meet the needs of the current generation without producing a poorer world by compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The company's bulk handling division is known as CEVA Pallecon , and it is this division that services industry with a unique and innovative range of intermediate bulk handling solutions for the storage, distribution and handling of raw materials, ingredients and finished products.

In this three part series, we will look at a range of bulk handling solutions offered by CEVA Pallecon, and discuss their distinct features and benefits.

Before we begin to look at particular products offered by CEVA Pallecon, a mention of the company's rental options is merited, especially with regard to the environmental advantages of such a service.

CEVA Pallecon allows customers to rent bulk handling solutions in one of three ways:

  • casual hire - hire on a daily basis with a low commitment that provides full flexibility  
  • term hire - hire for a fixed term period of 3, 6 or 12 months, with discounts offered for longer terms; or
  • contract hire - contract for three years or more, with containers printed to specific operational requirements.
As mentioned, this reusable system is environmentally friendly, but it also has other advantages for businesses. As all of CEVA Pallecon's containers are constantly being improved and re-designed, developments and innovative solutions can be consistently filtered through to directly benefit rental customers.

In addition, customers gain access to a complete range of product handling solutions that deliver maximum efficiencies, productivity and cost benefits, eliminating:

  • capital outlay
  • maintenance costs
  • cleaning costs; and
  • empty container relocation or return costs.
In the next part of this series, we will look at two solutions offered by CEVA Pallecon, one for the transportation of fresh food, and the other for liquids.

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