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CEVA Pallecon launches a new range of returnable plastic containers

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CEVA Logistics, a leading global supply chain management company, has launched a new range of Returnable Plastic Containers (RPCs) through its materials handling arm in Australia - CEVA Pallecon . The RPCs have been designed to meet a rising demand by vegetable growers looking for an easy-to-fold, safe and efficient fresh food packaging solution.  

Available on a flexible rental basis, the Returnable Plastic Containers are fully compatible with Australian Standard pallets and are made from 100 per cent recyclable food grade polymer. Smooth inner walls maximise product protection and pack efficiency and make sure that the product is properly ventilated and fresh at all points of its journey - from picking  and packing through to delivery and return to the farm.  

Mr Howard Critchley, Managing Director of CEVA Australia, said: “The new Returnable Plastic Containers are another example of how CEVA Pallecon are providing unique and innovative packaging solutions for the storage, distribution and handling of raw materials, ingredients and finished products. The new Returnable Plastic Containers, which come in a variety of sizes, brand identity options and colours for closed loop operations, are ideal for a wide variety of fresh food products.”  

Andrew Closters, a baby leaf farmer from Baccus Marsh in Victoria said: “The lightweight design combined with the fold-down ability provides many benefits. This includes a cross and column stacking capability, which has resulted in improved load stability when transporting products, and an empty return ratio capacity of 6:1. As a result, the Returnable Plastic Container is helping me to achieve real time and cost savings for my business.”

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