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Electronic cleaning solvent, contact cleaner and lubricant from Chemtools

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Chemtools  supplies a variety of chemical products suiting the chemical requirements of manufacturing of electronics. The products include acrylic conformal coating, air dusters and freezers, contact cleaners, electronic cleaning solvent, flux remover, liquid flux in aerosol, lubricants, water displacers, PCB cleaners and VCI corrosion protection.

Contact cleaner and lubricant from Chemtools used with lubrication offers long-term protection from oxidation. The contact cleaner is non-ozone depleting and safe on most plastics. The lubricant rapidly evaporates and is non-corrosive. Electrical contacts require degreasing, lubricating and precision cleaning. The contact lubricant is solvent of choice and is used in switches and relays.

The contact cleaner and lubricant from Chemtools is designed either for hand operation or batch cleaning. It serves to be the optimal lubricant and solvent for contacts. The lubricants come in 1 litre wide mouth containers with tamper-tell child proof caps and 63mm polyprophylene wegdeseal.

Chemtools provides electronic cleaning solvent that will effectively and thoroughly clean the electronic equipment and PCB’s perfectly dry and residue free surface. The electronic cleaning solvent features non-ozone depleting, rapid evaporation and stops corrosion. This cleaning solvent is ideal for tape heads, PCB’s, electronic components and business machines.

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