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Acrylic informal coating, dusters and freezers from Chemtools

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The various chemical products produced by Chemtools suiting electronics industry include acrylic conformal coating, air dusters and freezers, contact cleaners, electronic cleaning solvent, flux remover, liquid flux in aerosol, lubricants, water displacers, PCB cleaners and VCI corrosion protection.

Acrylic conformal coating supplied by Chemtools is also referred as PCB lacquer. This UV coating clear acrylic liquid is formulated to dry quickly to a clear and robust satin finish. It provides superior protection to electronic circuit components and boards. The coating is formulated into a black light indicator pigment assisting the operator to inspect the board for surface coverage.

Anti static dusters and freezers from Chemtools are high pressure cleaners in aluminium aerosol. These dusters deliver constant pressure to remove the dust from hard to reach areas. The freezers are rapidly evaporating products containing anti-static agent that exceeds mil specs of -40 degree celsius.

Alcohol and blends offered by Chemtools are powerful general purpose cleaner and are ideal for tape head cleaning, light oils, polar oils, removal of fluxes and organic and ionic residue. The alcohol and blend can be used on surface and through-hole mount boards, cables, hybrids, bare boards and connectors. It can also be used as a fibre optic cleaning solvent.

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