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Liquid and powder repacking available from Chemical Solutions

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article image Liquid and powder repacking available from Chemical Solutions

Chemical Solutions can repack liquids and powders from any package including bulk carriers of dangerous chemical and hazardous substances, into paper or plastic bags, polypropylene bulk bags, pails, buckets, drums and IBC's in any available size.

Repacking services involve removing products from one type of package and relocating it into another packaging type for a variety of reasons which might include:

  • To aid batching for manufacturers by packaging the precise quantity to be added to a batch and therefore minimising the exposure to operators handling the chemicals to hazardous substances and dangerous goods. This also improves the efficiency of the customers batching process.
  • Reducing the weight or awkwardness of handling packages for OH&S compliance. 
  • Compliance with local dangerous goods and hazardous substances legislation. 
  • Deteriorated packaging may be replaced when chemicals are repacked so that they may safely be placed in storage. Repacking may be done in conjunction with other services such as blending, crushing, milling and sieving. 
  • To rebrand the material into the customers' own bags. 
  • Packing into water soluble bags makes it easier for the client to handle dangerous goods such as poisons in the agricultural industry for herbicide and pesticides applications. 
  • Seasonal chemicals are often toll or contract packed eg. Swimming pool chemicals and herbicide when the short season doesn't suit manufacturers operate their own packing facilities or hold large inventories in storage especially of shelf life item and dangerous or hazardous substances.

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