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ADS S/S lump crushers from Chemical Solutions

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ADS S/S lump crushers perform the majority of crushing work undertaken by Chemical Solutions . They are used to crush hardened 25kg bags and 1000kg bulk bags of chemicals, back into their original form, by mechanically raking the chemicals through sizing screens.

The agglomerated chemicals can be crushed back to, or reduced to granules, crystals or a powdered consistency, irrespective of their original starting form. This process enables the products to be more easily used in manufacture or made saleable.

These crushers can crush many types of dangerous goods, including Class 4, (flammable spontaneously Combustible and dangerous when wet solids), class 5 (Oxidising agents), class 6 (Poisons) and Class 8 (Corrosives).

These items can then be repacked into any packaging required. Right now, ADS S/S lump crushers are used on many materials, such as gum rosin, sodium persulphate, and wax powder.

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