Chemical Solutions

Chemical Solutions has been providing repacking and chemical handling solutions to industry for over 15 years.

Chemical Solutions assist companies with any blending, sieving, crushing, contract repacking or toll manufacturing to provide effective solutions to dangerous goods or hazardous chemical storage and manufacturing problems.


Question: 24/11/14 - This will depend on the materialinvolved and the Personal Protective Equipment required. Also the packagingwill depend on the properties of the product.


Supplier news
26/11/10 - Chemical Solutions can repack liquids and powders from any package into paper or plastic bags, polypropylene bulk bags, pails, buckets, drums and IBC's.
Supplier news
25/11/10 - Chemical Solutions offers paste and putty manufacture as one of the services provided by the company.
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25/10/10 - Chemical Solutions can add value to products by sieving raw materials through screens down to 250um.
Supplier news
23/10/10 - ADS S/S lump crushers perform the majority of crushing work undertaken by Chemical Solutions.

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39 Zakwell Circuit
VIC 3048
Tel: 1300 708 558
Fax: 1300 708 838

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