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Industrial descalers. Inhibited rust and scale remover.

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Chemical descaling and derusting of boilers, heat exchangers, cooling jackets, evaporations, bottle washing machines and concrete trucks, just to mention a few applications, means your equipment will achieve high availability because the machine survives the environment and all its components are accessed easily and safely for maintenance.

Descaler from Chemform removes all common scales and rusts easily. They do not need heat and, are safe for most equipment and permanent structures.

Descaler may be used by immersion, swab or recirculation techniques but it should be noted that surfaces heavily coated with oil and grease will require degreasing prior to acid treatment.

Descalers main active ingredient is hydrochloric acid and Descaler is detergeant free, phosphate free, is VOC free and uses recyclable packaging.

Operational Hints

  • Stainless steel equipment should not be used with Descaler. It will also attack aluminium, galvanised surfaces, brass, bronze, solder, tine and all white metals. Cement and concrete are dissolved by Descaler.
  • Immersion tanks and pumps should be made of acid resistant materials. 
  • The action of Descaler on hard water scales produces carbon dioxide gas. This gas may result in excess foaming and production of acid sprays. Always add Descaler slowly to vessels requiring descaling. 
  • The action of Descaler on metals produces hydrogen gas which is explosive. Always ensure adequate venting to atmosphere. Do not smoke or have naked flames near the vent. 
  • The special inhibitors formulated in Descaler allow the product to be used safely and with minimal attack on mild steel, copper and admiralty metals at temperatures up to 60ºC. If uncertain, test strips of metal should be tested in Descaler solutions.

Descaler and solutions of Descaler are strongly acidic and should be handled with care. Rubber gloves and eye protection should be worn

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