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Risk management audits provided by ChemAlert

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article image Risk management audits provided by ChemAlert

In addition to supplying chemical management software for workplaces, ChemAlert also provides risk management audits that will identify all areas of an operation where legislative compliance issues exist.

These risk management audits will also result in recommendations being made as to how best a company can achieve compliance, deliver SDS and establish chemical safety management procedures.

ChemAlert chemical safety audits evaluate worksites for compliance with relevant state regulations, Australian Standards and NOHSC Codes of Practice, in addition to:

  • providing on-site advice regarding critical chemical safety issues at your organisation that require immediate attention
  • sourcing, collating and delivering SDS for all company-specific chemicals through the ChemAlert online system; and
  • compiling a comprehensive chemical safety audit report that includes recommendations on all identified chemical safety non-compliances.
This provides a quick, effective and accurate assessment of the way in which chemicals are managed at a work site, and a platform to establish and maintain effective management policies and procedures.

Once chemical risk management audits have taken place, ongoing professional support and management advice is also offered by ChemAlert at no additional cost.

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